Zhengzhou QiangLi Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. Is one of the branch company of QiangLi Group. Established in 1993, we always specialize in the design and production of Mechanical Equipment.

QiangLi factory is Located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. We have 50000㎡ professional workshops and 4000㎡ Show Room with many rides.welcome to visit us!

More than 200 skilled staff work here, including 8 advanced mechanical engineers, 4 professional Electrical engineers, 3 quality inspectors and experienced assembly team.

Except providing high-quality amusement rides, our professional team also provide complete solution for park design, construction and management.

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Carousel Rides

Carousel, or Merry go round, Luxury Carousel, is an amusement equipment beloved by teenagers ,It is a classic and necessary ride, and suitable for parks, malls, squares, communities.

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Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel is a large turning wheel equipment in which gondolas are hung for passengers to take. After passengers are gradually lifted up when the wheel works, they can have a glimpse of the beautiful scenery around the park. Ferris Wheel is common to see at amusement park, theme park and funfair, and is called “3 treasures of playground” with Pirate Ship and Carousel. But it can be at other places to be used as a viewing platform.

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Roller Coaster

It is a type of motorized and thrill amusement park rides which is commonly found at the large amusement park and theme parks

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  • 11 2020-06

    Children’s playground equipment for sale

    Mobile Rotary Dinosaur Rides The Mobile Rotary Dinosaur Ridesis easy to carry and can be taken anywhere. It can be made into any shape. If you have other shapes, please contact us. We are manufacturers. The amusement equipment we designed is specially designed for children, which can be very convenient without the limitation of location. […]

  • 10 2020-06

    The technological process of glass fresh spraying

    Want to know how to make all kinds of new and beautiful appearance in your daily life? Glass paint is composed of film-forming substances, pigments, solvents, additives, which is suitable for the surface coating of glass paint. Can be divided into water-based glass paint and traditional oily glass paint; From the construction can be divided […]

  • 09 2020-06

    Scariest amusement rides

    scariest amusement rides For rides that don’t matter when they fall at 400 feet, or where the record is reversed 10 times, we propose rules for each ride. But riders beware: Some may also nail the nail tongue weirdoes, such as Cedar Point’s Millennium Power, which Slade describes as one of the country’s best adrenaline […]


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