The technological process of glass fresh spraying


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Glass paint is composed of film-forming substances, pigments, solvents, additives, which is suitable for the surface coating of glass paint. Can be divided into water-based glass paint and traditional oily glass paint; From the construction can be divided into hand-painted paint, spray paint, spray paint, roller paint, and so on; In the temperature can be divided into self-drying paint, low-temperature baking paint, high-temperature baking paint; Specific lacquer kind will calculate, can be full of beautiful things in eyes, have for instance: solid color lacquer, transparent lacquer, froth lacquer, vertical grain lacquer, hammer grain lacquer, PU glass lacquer, EP glass lacquer, meteorite lacquer, crack lacquer, stereo lacquer and so on.

1. Pre-treatment equipment: The main purpose of this process is to enhance the adhesion of the workpiece. It is mainly composed of pre-release, main release, and table adjustment.

2, preheating treatment: its role is also to enhance the adhesion of the workpiece, mainly to make the spraying room to a certain temperature.

3. Fiberglass dust blowing purification equipment: This step is mainly to ensure the cleanliness of the construction environment. If it is a standard dust-free workshop, this step can be skipped. This is because if there is dust on the glass, then the surface of the ejected workpiece will have a sand-like grain feeling, the surface is not smooth enough.

4, spraying equipment: if it is manual spraying, the technical requirements for workers have a high standard, but now most manufacturers are using robot spraying, although the machine is more reliable than manual spraying, but do not forget that there is no missing places need to fill spray.

5, paint drying: before drying operation, paint has a leveling stage, so the distance between drying room and spraying room to be appropriate, in order to control in the 6~8 meters or so is better, also need to pay attention to the temperature and time of baking when drying.

The technological process of glass fresh spraying

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