The latest large – scale playground equipment


The latest large – scale playground equipment

The latest large-scale playground equipment, powerful storm, can normally seat 10 people. The main feature of the device is its unique mode of operation and ride. The track arm and the bottom of the frisbee are filled with luxurious and colorful lights, and the night scene is gorgeous, just like flying saucer in the air, giving it a full experience.

A strong storm is the grade B amusement equipment produced by our company, popular in the amusement park, one of the essential items.

Zhengzhou Qiangqiang Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. has a number of B-level manufacturing qualifications, such as Pirate ship, Shenzhou UFO, Time trip, head flying chair, and so on.

What is important to buy “rides”?

  • 1. The supplier signs the contract, and the delivery date is certain after the order and payment
  • 2: High-quality installation personnel, timely communication with you
  • 3. It has its own installation team and sufficient after-sales maintenance guarantee
  • 4. Professional equipment testing and operating personnel training, normal business
  • 5: The equipment runs for a few days, there is a problem, free maintenance
  • 6. Good materials or strict production process will not cause major accidents to the equipment. We shall control the quality well.
  • 7: Select high-quality circuit, motor, long product life

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