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Like a giant frisbee, 360 degrees rotating frisbee, pendulum frisbee, belongs to the popular large-scale adventure rides. However, a 360-degree spinning frisbee is more exciting than a giant frisbee because it can rotate 360-degree, allowing you to stand upside down in the air! For thrill-seekers and owners of theme parks and amusement parks, high attention to safety is important because pendulum roller coasters can provide high – and medium-intensity stimulation to different people. As a responsible professional amusement equipment manufacturer in China, we are committed to providing high-quality products and the best service for domestic and foreign customers. Our pendulum rides are made of high quality and environmentally friendly materials to ensure passenger safety and the environment.

Is a 360-degree Pendulum Rides safe?

1. The cantilever adopts a seamless steel tube, which can significantly reduce the processing workload but can only make a relatively small 360-degree pendulum. For large 360 degree pendulum (such as more than 16), subject to the limitation of tube diameter and cantilever weight, the cantilever safety factor is difficult to meet the design requirements, large 360-degree pendulum cantilever should not use steel tube structure;

2. Variable section box beam structure is suitable for large 360-degree pendulum cantilever, which can significantly improve the bending section coefficient of the cantilever, but the manufacturing process is relatively complex;

3. The large 360-degree pendulum cantilever material should be made of high-strength steel, which can significantly reduce the weight of swing components and realize the upsizing of amusement equipment on the premise of meeting the safety factor;

4. Pay attention to the inspection of fatigue sources such as surface scar and material defect of the stress concentrated part (such as the root of the cantilever), conduct safety inspection of the cantilever regularly, and conduct local non-destructive inspection of the root of the cantilever (such as magnetic particle inspection) before or after use for a period of time.

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