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Qiangli 40P Pirate Ship Ride for sale

Qiangli is Top Park Rides Manufacturer, Supplies Best Thrill Rides, Theme Park, and Mechanical Rides. Qiangli has taken this popular ride style one step further, providing breathtaking theming packages that turn a standard ride into a special, one of a kind centerpiece family attraction.

Pirate Ship Referred to as Viking ship ride

Also known as the Viking ship ride, the pirate ship ride is a mild adventure in which passengers experience varying degrees of angular momentum as an open, seated pirate ship swings back and forth. The corsair on board the corsair consists of a steel braced structure consisting of four pillars. Beston’s pirate ship rocked its passengers back and forth, giving them a feeling of weightlessness. Corsair amusement park in Qiangli amusement equipment is a family amusement.

40P Pirate Ship Ride for sale
Qiangli Amusement Rides for sale

What is the pirate ship?

The great pirate ship is a very popular form of amusement for tourists. It moves by swinging back and forth around the horizontal axis. It is named after the ship., can accommodate dozens of passengers at a time. Suitable for parks, large squares, and other outdoor amusement places. The passenger sits in the seat, puts on the seat belt, from slow speed to high speed, and swings back and forth. Then they might feel like they’re on a real pirate ship out at sea. This is one of the reasons why customers like it.

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The overall frame of the huge corsair is made of stainless steel, which greatly improves its service life. The stainless steel is surrounded by advanced fiberglass reinforced plastic and connected by excellent components, which are durable, strong and anti-corrosion. They are made by dust-free spraying technology to make the colors brighter and longer-lasting. Only with the automobile paint process, not fade, durable, these technologies not only ensure the safety of the product, but also brought a pleasant visual experience, and visual impact

40P Pirate Ship Ride for sale
Qiangli Amusement Rides for sale

Precautions for taking a pirate ship amusement park

To make sure people are safe when selling the pirate boat amusement park, each pirate boat is equipped with a safety belt and handrail for people to carry. Please ensure that you and your child are properly strapped in. When the exciting pirate boat ride starts, hold on to the handrail.

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