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Ocean turn horse is a turn horse amusement equipment with the theme of “deep sea”

The Ocean Carousel has a unique appearance and distinct theme. Marine elements are skillfully added to the traditional rotating horse equipment to make the color, horse, and shape of the machine more selling points. When the horse turns, the tourists are like playing with all kinds of sea creatures in the boundless sea. In addition, the “three-dimensional” Marine animals used by the top fence of the revolving horse become a highlight of the equipment, the unique design makes the revolving horse more attractive!

Carousel is placed in the park, park rides , it attracts the main park all over the world, the safety factor is very high

Features of Qiangli ocean carousel

It gives you the feeling that you are wandering in the sea.

You can make big money anywhere.

Carousel with sea life.

Lovely images, charming beams of light, and digital sounds.

Durable high-quality fiberglass.

Super modern design, suitable for today’s high-tech children.

Communicate directly with the factory for a reasonable price.

Products can be customized according to your specific requirements.

Fast delivery and easy shipping: you can get your order when you need it.

Test report: ISO9001, CE, OHSASI8001, ISO14001.

Product parameters

Power3N+PE 220V/380V  50-60HZ
Coverage6m or Other dimensions
Seats3-16 people or Customize
Electronic controlfull-automatic control

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