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The kids mostly like the small kiddie carousel as it is very exciting and very enjoyable to them. Just for this, the carousel for sale, especially the small carousel for sale are becoming more and more popular among the amusement parks and other playground activities.

Small Carousel for Sale
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The 3 horse carousel can only accommodate 3 passengers and is mainly designed for children. So its seats are getting smaller and smaller. The Qiangli 3 riding carousel for sale is very cute and very popular among children. One reason is its small size makes it look cute, and another reason is its attractive design

As a professional amusement equipment manufacturer in China, low prices throughout the children’s carousel market. Our mini carousel rides have been delivered to Australia, UK, Nigeria, Pakistan, and many other countries. It is usually made of fiber-reinforced plastics and steel to assure customers of high quality. It can be placed in small supermarkets, shopping centers, children’s parks, amusement parks and other places with lots of children.

Qiangli sells small carousel features

3, 6, 8 or 12 seats;

Easy to install, remove and move;

Suitable for indoor and backyard use;

Covers an area of small;

Lovely appearance;

Design style can be changed according to customer requirements;

The cost is much lower than the average amusement park carousel.

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