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Amusement park train rides usually ride by some tourists in amusement parks, theme parks or shopping malls. We also call them the kid’s trains. Kids train are made according to the real trains that there is one locomotive that could be seat one to two people and several coaches which more than 3. Usually, each of the coaches could sit 4 kids or adults. These coaches are made of the animal’s appearance or other themes. These train rides have many usages. They could be used for amusement park, they also could be used for shopping malls or even some public events.

Tourist Train Rides
Tourist Train Rides(A)supplierTourist Train Rides(A)supplier

Children’s trackless trains can run anywhere on grass, concrete, gravel, and sand. It can be moved almost anywhere without the need for a slide track to reach its destination. Mini express – electric trackless train is the real train journey, trackless! Many children dream of attending trackless parties. This is the ideal place for every train birthday party or special event. When your children see their faces on the bus, customers will enter the paradise of trackless trains!

We can in price, achieve the best balance between style and operation maintenance options. Buy our high quality of the trackless train or accessories, in order to create more revenue in your business operation train attractions.

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